Top 16 Creative Cups and Mugs designs of coffee photos

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Designers do not cease to excite imagination and creativity, creating new and unusual cups and mugs.
We bring you the most interesting instances created recently: In my opinion, a bowl of wisdom should look that way. mug avid golfer who does not want to part with your favorite sport even during the tea party.
Darth Vader forever! Of these cups, I think, especially interesting to drink kiddies: poured the liquid, be it tea or milk, takes the form of animals.

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Mug set for a big company: with crosses placed on the sides, you can carry at a time, several mugs. mug by designer Jorine Oorsterh off for those who likes to amuse others. mugs tails. Package “Smile panda.” On the creation of this service under the name “Cadarache” designer inspired nuclear research center Cadarache, located in the Bouches-du-Rhone on the Cote d’Azur, France. This mug is perfect for this pedant , do not set it correctly – on the nose – and the kiss will be! Leisurely help pass the time here are the mugs from the design studio Chillichilly.

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Mugs for every mood. mug wheels for fans of the brand “Land Rover”. measuring cup for cat lovers . mug with saucer from the original designer Erdem Selek: if you really poured tea on the saucer, let it be entertaining. This mug mustache protect from getting wet during the tea party.

Mug-recipe: expose at every level of the ingredients and your favorite drink will be able to make any colleague. Original sets with an interesting visual effect: the distorted words written on porcelain saucers, you can easily read only on the cups with a smooth surface.

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Cool and creative cups and mugs designs photos:

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