Simple small living room ideas for lighting and colors

Hello, friends! Today I want to continue the theme of small the living room, which I raised in the previous article , and talk about the small living room ideas that belong to wall colors and lighting – is not this an urgent question for the people whom small living rooms? .

Small living room ideas – paint colors:

Neutral colors

The best way to visually expand the space of small living room – use only light neutral tones in the living room interior. Furniture visually merge with the walls.

small living room ideas – neutral color combinations

White in small living room

White color – classic method in the design of small living room. Light floor, white walls and curtains, white furniture and decor – one of small living room ideas that visually make the room more spacious.

white small living room ideas with black decorations
very small living room paint color ideas – white for visually expanding

Small living room lighting ideas

Natural light through living room curtains
Living room is not the room where the heavy and impervious light curtains. for small living room ideas: Hang on a window bright simple tulle or Roman blinds without a pattern. Light reflected from the walls and furniture, natural light will help visually expand the space.

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small living room ideas – roman blinds for natural light

multilevel small living room lighting

Artificial lighting also plays an important role in the small living room design. It is not necessary to dwell on only one chandelier, often giving a downward direction, “oppressive” light. Other small living room lighting ideas: Create a spot light and shadow play through a floor lamp, table lamp, located on the console or cabinet, wall sconces, illuminating mirror, lamp on the painting. Multi-level lighting will make a cozy living room and chamber and illuminated corners help visually expand the boundaries.

small living room lighting ideas – wall spotlights for expanding space