Living room design ideas, natural stone wall in the interior

The stone walls are not innovative interior design ideas for wall decoration, but they are very popular and especially popular in country style. There are a variety of alternatives for how to integrate this building material in interior design. Discover the perfect interior design for your home and opt for a natural stone wall in the living room design, which will become a focal point in your home.
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natural stone wall in living room design

minimalist living room design with creative lighting of natural stone walls

Advantages of the natural stone wall in living room design
1. Tough and peculiar texture
2. Natural earth tones 
3 Excellent sound absorption 
4 A number of types of stone in the market 
5 Easy to clean and water resistant
stair wall decorating ideas, natural stone wall
Widespread stone types that are used in living room designs, are limestone, brick, slate, stone corals
Tips for installation of natural stone in interior design
The right lighting will enhance the beautiful surface of the stone wall in the living room.
modern living room design with natural stone wall
Combine natural stone with warm materials such as fur, cashmere, soft carpets, pillows, to mitigate the effect of cold stone. 
stone wall designs with plants in hallway interior
The bright color accents in warm shades of yellow, orange and red will make it look inviting and comfortable space.
natural stone wall design for TV in modern living room design
Living room design with the stone wall patterns must has contrasting colors. A better effect you get when you combine the blocks by shape and size.
Living room design ideas, fireplace with stone wall
If your living room is not spacious enough to decorate just a part of the wall with natural stone, so that you avoid overweight look.
luxury living room design with classic natural stone walls
Do you want to try something original? In order to create an intimate and warming atmosphere, consider to make the idea of ​​your living room ceiling design with natural stone.
natural stone wall ideas in modern living room designs
The natural stone wall can be easily adapted to any style of living room design. The Brick combines perfectly with the modern home decor, while larger stones or various forms best emphasize the rustic and rural interior design.
minimalist living room design with dark natural stone wall
If you are planning to make a living room design with whole natural stone wall, better use stones of various sizes. In this way you can bring more dynamism and character to the living room design.
Both – stones and plants are natural materials, so they look good together.