How to create Japanese style bathroom, Top rules

Do you ask How to create your bathroom in Japanese style ! here many ideas to create Japanese style bathroom and Japanese bathroom designs ideas with rules and 42 Japanese bathroom photos.

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 Japanese style bathroom
Japanese bathroom designs ideas and decor rules
Many fans of the interior design styles , that such bath “ofuro,” and certainly all aware of the characteristic features of the Japanese housing – minimalism, natural colors and penchant for eco-decor. However, with the creation of the interior in the Japanese style bathroom is desirable to take into account some of the nuances, not to turn this space into too “theatrical” and uncomfortable for you personally.
It is useful to remember that not all features of the Japanese style appropriate for the bathroom, there may be some redundant.
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Who fits the Japanese style bathroom? Eco lovers, fans of natural colors and materials,  (people for whom the sense of touch and the muffled sounds is more important than visual impressions), as well as everyone who is experiencing severe congestion in the constant stress of the metropolis.
This is what awaits you in this detailed guide:
  • we’ll not only of classical Japanese bathroom, but also about the models that currently use Western decorators, perfectly knowledgeable about the peculiarities of the Japanese style;
  • we draw your attention to the four characteristic element of decor and furnishings, as well – show you how to use them wisely, including – for a small bathroom in the Japanese style
  • you will see what color combinations are considered relevant for the Japanese style bathroom
  • and the mention of the other rules in the Japanese style bathroom, which break is not recommended if you 
  • want to get the best result.
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    Japanese style bathroom and its modern variations:

    Classical Japanese bathroom – it’s a deep font of local cypress , wood is a bactericidal properties and subtle characteristic flavor. Today, many manufacturers make ofuro of other tree species, the most popular – of cedar. Bathing in ofuro, according to Japanese tradition – is a complex ritual, the result of which is a strong healing effect and is said to have an extraordinary tone.
    Sometimes ofuro placed in the garden, which allowed during procedures also enjoy the beautiful nature. Before you – ofuro these few examples, including – produced in Japan today.
    If you are going to buy a wooden bathtub in the spirit of the Japanese style, do not forget about a few important points:
    • it is much more expensive than most of the other materials baths (of course, if it is a strict observance of Technology);
    • really spectacular view it acquires only in a completely minimalist space free from a variety of plumbing and household little things that inevitably surround us in the bathroom “every day”;
    • optimal design of walls of the room where you plan to place the ofuro, – natural wood not less than 50% of the surface.

    Conclusion: authentic ofuro is best suited for installation in a separate room country house, designed especially for her.

    Japanese Interior Design, ideas, style and elements

    Other suitable model for the bathroom interior in Japanese style:

    If the Japanese style bathroom struck the imagination, but to allocate a special room for the installation of wooden tubs you do not plan – look for compromise solutions.
    For example, an acrylic bath in a wooden frame or a concise form in the spirit of the modern view of the Japanese style.
     Japanese bathroom
    Japanese bathtub, Japanese style bathroom designs ideas

    Japanese style bath-water (at floor level):

    If you like Japanese style bathroom, but in addition you prefer contemporary solutions and have spacious accommodations for an individual planning – embedded in the floor bath-water reservoirs will add a touch of the exotic. They are consistent with Japanese aesthetics, given the national love of naturalness. A bath can be placed on a podium or flush with the floor, if possible from the point of view of architecture of the house.

    specific details of the interior in the Japanese style bathroom:

    All that we are told, the optimum fit for the interior of a private home or a spacious penthouse. And if you live in a standard apartment – it is better not to puzzle expensive plumbing. Suffice it to make original features Japanese style bathroom – without stretching your budget and your own comfort.
    We consider the most interesting techniques by which you will get the desired effect. In particular, learn how to create a Japanese style in a small bathroom.
    1. Wood
    is hard to imagine a Japanese bathroom without this wonderful material. But you can add it in different ways: from large to very small surface elements.
    Wood flooring or a podium, table top or rack, cube-table or a small stool, a screen or mirror frame, shelves and towel holders – all equally well conveys the spirit of the Japanese bath. But choosing specific items, keep in mind that wood – a material with strong energy, so in a small space it should not be too much, so there was no effect of “compression of space.”
    Modern decorators sometimes use bamboo as an alternative to traditional wood – including – a simulation of green shoots. In general, it is well within the eco-orientation of the Japanese style, but still borders on the exotic.

    2. Stones
    Given that the water in this ofuro kept the heat thanks to the rocks, this is another element of eco-style is very appropriate. Depending on the design idea and the size of the bathroom, you can create islands “of stone placers” around the tub, or – thin edging floor perimeter walls, or – blotches of such a decoration on the walls between the tiles.

     Japanese style bathroom
    3. analog shoji
    shoji panels today have become a real “flag” of the Japanese style. However, choosing this item bathroom decor, do not forget about the features of these partitions.
    First, they must really be something (shoji created to separate rooms or isolation of the house from the garden.) Second, if you decide to install these walls instead of the door – to vote their insulation. The best option for the use of such Japanese partitions – personal bathroom or master bathroom in the master bedroom.
    If the bathroom has a window – setting them shoji will be ideal.

    4. suitable sink
    Rectangular and square shapes are best suited for a Japanese-style bath. Rounded – only when they are made ​​from stone. Glass bowls and sinks on legs – the most inappropriate decision. Preferably, the sink or countertop surrounded by shelves of wood, but in any case, not plastic, glass or chrome-plated metal.

     Japanese style bathroom designs ideas and rules

    color combinations for the Japanese style bathroom:

    As you may have noticed in most of the photos in this guide, the most common professional course – a combination of neutral tones with warm shades of milky white, and (sometimes) green. But the bright red, pink or plum shade of cherry blossom (quite suitable, for example, for the living room or bedroom in Japanese style) is completely irrelevant, since they introduce “anxiety” in an atmosphere of complete relaxation.
    Occasionally decorators use other colors, including either to increase the drama (contrast) – added black to brown, or – for the exceptional situation of minimalism – a combination of white with gray and beige. These solutions – “an amateur,” however, we show them. Here’s what it looks like. 
    Black + Brown:

    gray + beige:

     Japanese style bathroom
     Japanese style bathroom designs ideas and rules

    What more desirable to take into account when creating a Japanese-style bathroom:

    • lighting should be diffused and or hidden spotlights and sconces with directional light should be avoided;
    • if you want in the bathroom was more comfortable – feel free to add houseplants with bulk herbs;
    • if you would like to make a more intimate setting – make a niche in which to place the white candles;
    • Choose monochromatic matte tile, preferably with simulated natural texture;
    • do not get carried away with tiles decorated with hieroglyphs and “a la Japanese painting,” if you do not want to make your bathroom look like a cheap theatrical production;
    • absolute taboo – glitter, plastic, intricate designs and shapes of elements, multicolor palette, “neon” colors, any pathos in the design of bath accessories and mirrors;
    • do not try to use all or most of the elements of which we spoke, and select only the ones that will be enough – to create a simple natural charm to the Japanese style bathroom and reflect your understanding of the natural beauty.