creative kids room design in orange-gray color combination

Energetic orange kids room design makes a positive and emotional atmosphere. It’s a real eye vitamin. Basically orange is used as accents in kids room, but it can also become a base color, if the interior designer of the kids bedroom design is talented colorist. In any case, it is important to clearly observe the color proportions and orange consider compatibility with other colors. Bright orange is ideal in combination with saturated yellow, beige, mustard, purple and brown in any kids room design. A subdued orange (or terracotta) blends well with cool shades of yellow, green, chocolate, blue and khaki. A pair of orange combined with white and black creates the most spectacular contrast in a kids room. And if you combine the orange and blue, which is its complementary color, so they reinforce each other, the brightness of the interior tingle. But perhaps the most optimal pair for bright orange an the kids room design – it’s gray

Orange kids room design ideas – puzzle style

creative kids room design – orange gray puzzle style

Kids room design in a Moscow apartment is decorated in neo-Future. Authors of the project like to work in this trendy style, use popular motifs and create an active color. In this kids room design they played with the theme of puzzles and chose monochrome gray-white with bright orange details. Active orange distributed throughout the interior, pillows, wall decor and designer armchairs. 

kids room design ideas – kids room furniture in white-orange
modern kids room design in orange-gray color combination
orange kids room furniture design