Corner bath features in the bathroom – 8 designs

Corner bath in the bathroom interior has many advantages. But its main advantage lies in the fact that it takes up much less space for the same amount or even more than the standard tubs.

Small Corner bath in the bathroom interior

decorative corner bath for small bathroom design

The small corner bath breaks all standards. It immediately became the center of interior composition. To emphasize, requires a special light system. Lots of light is a must! In addition to the primary source, additional lighting, eg point. You can install around it halogen lights.
You can put a small corner bath on the podium. A variety bathtub designs, rounded or, on the contrary, strict angles make the overall composition more effectively. Corner bath can be in the form of an isosceles or equilateral triangle. You can pick up an extravagant asymmetrical model. Corner tubs look great in any style of bathroom interior, from classic to modern, from Art Deco to high-tech.
small corner bath design in modern bathroom
The contrast of white and burgundy walls and a corner bath with rounded corners, make the interior bathrooms simple and elegant at the same time.
small corner bath with creative design
Emphasized the smooth, curved lines of the corner bath, make a snow-white interior is especially exquisite.
functional small corner bath for small rooms
Corner bath with hydro-massage – the dream of every person. This bathroom also demonstrates the complex lighting scenarios, which was mentioned above.
corner bath in classic bathroom interior design
Asymmetrical bath with rounded corners this great bathroom, equipped not only furniture, but even potted flowers. All together makes a full bathroom in the room. standing bath tubs .