Cheap bedroom lighting ideas – Lighted garlands decoration

While lighted garlands seem reserved for Christmas, there is no law prohibiting use at any other time of year, but even if those can decorate the bedroom, for example, with such original decoration and for a ridiculous price. If you like the idea of this premise, pay attention because as goes the title of this article today we bring you 10 beautiful and cheap bedroom lighting ideas with lighted garlands.

romantic bedroom lighting ideas – decorating canopy bed with lighted garlands

Bedroom lighting ideas with decorative lighted garland

cheap bedroom lighting ideas – make a headboard with lighted garland

Create a headboard with a wreath. you can use a lighted garland to shape an original headboard and also bedroom lighting solution. The drawing can be any shape you want. In this case we have done the silhouette of a house. The result … Lovely!

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bedroom lighting ideas – decorating bedroom curtains by lighted garlands

If you have a canopy bed, you can decorate the hanging fabric of the canopy to create a magical space. If you have no canopy but you like the bedroom lighting ideas, you can hang beautiful fabrics on the ceiling and two rings on which later will add a lighted garland.

romantic bedroom lighting ideas – bright bed headboard of lighted garland

Create a bright bed headboard. This bedroom lighting idea is more elaborate, but the result is worth it as you can see. It is about creating a headboard with translucent plastic panels subject to the main wood that forms the headboard of the bed, leave a small space between the plastic panels and wood to can then put wreaths. bedroom lighting ideas

Another beautiful one of bedroom lighting ideas that blends the natural with the artificial. A branch of a tree placed on the wall horizontally to the ground and along almost the entire wall of the headboard decorate the bedroom with an elegant garland of lights.

cheap romantic bedroom lighting – decorating ideas with lighted garlands

bedroom lighting ideas: another romantic ideas is to decorate the bedroom with lighted garlands. The concept is the same as with the canopy bed, only this time the canopy or shade rather, hanging on the headboard of the bed.

kids bedroom lighting ideas – words on the wall of lighted garlands
cheap bedroom decorating ideas – photo gallery of lighted garlands