15 Simple accessories and jewelry storage ideas (DIY)

Women love jewelry! All kinds of jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, rings . it is becoming more and more with no end!
“These earrings will fit my new dress very well; This gorgeous necklace I must have; I need a new strap for the party next week .. “Sounds that you know of?
15 Simple accessories and jewelry storage ideas (DIY): It’s not bad to have a large amount of jewelry. On the contrary, the more pieces of jewelry a woman has, the more are the possibilities for tasteful combinations. With the beautiful jewelry but there is a rising problem – the jewelry storage. The simple Boxes is not a good decision, as a real chaos in there and you can hardly find anything. So the woman become nervous. Who needs this stress?
With this article we want to help all women. We have 15 very practical jewelry storage ideas collected. Not only do they have a practical function, but also an aesthetic. creative jewelry storage ideas.

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Accessories Jewelry storage ideas and solutions

creative jewelry storage boxes on the dressing table
Jewelry storage ideas – handmade tree made of wires
jewelry storage ideas – original small drawers

Large wooden closet for jewelry and accessories storage

accessories, ornaments and jewelry storage ideas – boxes with drawers

accessories storage ideas – wooden stands

We hope that we have helped all the ladies in the organization of their numerous pieces of jewelry. This jewelry storage ideas can give you inspiration for more great ideas.

jewelry storage ideas – simple glass rack with hooks
jewelry storage ideas – handmade wooden board