15 Creative bookshelves and modern modular designs ideas

In the age of popularization of digital literature, the need for space for books diminished. But in fact, for the true fans of reading – bookcases is a necessary part of the interior. 
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If you looking about contemporary designs of shelves and bookshelves or book case, i can help you to get your prefer design, i have provided many albums and ideas of wall shelves, for example Italian shelves modular design ideas and i suggest this section of Shelves to see many bookshelves designs
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 creative bookshelves
Creative bookshelves and modern modular designs ideas
In addition to the classical approach to the bookshelves, modern designers offer a completely new shelving solutions that significantly saves space. Wide selection of materials allows us to produce mobile and light weight in shelves and cabinets, which are visually’ll ship room and will be a great help for the bookworm. Geometric shapes on the shelves today are very popular – of the individual modules can be folded various compositions – both wall and floor.

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Furniture Designers often offer totally unusual and original forms of racks, which can perfectly fit into the interior in the style of high-tech and modern.
In this case, book shelves may be made ​​of metal or plastic, and to be colored in any color. Besides traditional materials for shelving, designers commonly use such as billing glass, stone, fiber structure and an artificial stone. Each year international exhibitions furniture designer studios from around the world, “compete” on the original form of shelves, offering consumers all the new and exciting design solutions of living space.
bookshelves in addition to its intended use, in addition, serve as decorative elements – they decorate the apartment and give it a certain charm. creativity, mobility, wide the possibility of stylistic solutions, a variety of materials, colors and textures – attracts creative-minded designers to create beautiful, practical, concise and complex-shaped bookshelves.

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 creative bookshelves
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