10 Creative wall painting ideas and techniques for all rooms

Spring is in the air! This is the perfect thing for you to refresh your home. You can create a renewal in different ways. For example, you can implement the furniture or equip the new terrace. And what do you think about a fresh new wall painting ideas? By this I do not mean a standard wall design, but creative and original – with decorative elements, bright colors and interesting geometric Figure. When you have decided to paint the walls of your beautiful apartment correctly, then check out our 10 creative wall painting ideas and techniques and choose the best!

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Wall paint ideas, wall painting techniques

modern wall painting ideas – colored streamlined lined

This wall painting ideas goes very well with the interior of the baby room. The color combination creates a contrast effect and the white lines on the blue wall appear as an accent in the room.

This wall painting color seems simple at first glance and you will say there is no any wall painting ideas. There is an idea that is in it. Although the color is not complex, it is very original and striking. So this blue wall design creates an atmosphere of luxury – creative and charming.

wall painting techniques for dining area – colorful horizontal lines

 asymmetrical white lines on black wall of dining room

wall painting ideas – small silver square

the previous design of wall painting of the bathroom – gray wall with small silver squares that add more elegance and luxury to the room

super wall painting techniques – real eye catcher
creative wall painting ideas for kids room

wall painting ideas for baby room – black gold lines

colorful lines in black, gold and white colors on the wall and the ceiling of baby room visually enlarge the space and make a great combination with modern LED chandelier

wall painting ideas and techniques

wall painting ideas and techniques